Submitted Stories

  I was deer hunting on the opening day of bow season when I ran into a pack of coyotes hunting my spot instead.  I had just nocked the arrow into my arrow string when I heard an animal trotting in my direction.  My first thought was I was going to be the first one to take a deer that morning.  However, that thought soon faded as I was eyeing a coyote directly 10 yards in front of me.  It quickly scurried though the woods only stopping for a brief moment.  I decided not to take the coyote since it was opening day of deer season.  About an hour later, I noticed some movement to my right at about 80 yards away.  I soon realized the movement was that of coyotes running around.  At this point, I knew my chances of taking or seeing deer were slim.  Coyotes were going to be my best bet for that area.  The coyotes eventually made there way to my stand.  The coyotes were now within bow shooting range with the closest at 15 yards.  I drew my bow, took aim, and released the arrow.  The arrow sailed just over the coyote's back.  The coyotes became startled and didn't know what was going on.  While I was taking another arrow from my quiver, one of the coyotes caught me moving and took off running.  The other coyotes soon followed in the same manner.  About an hour later, I climbed down from my stand and began walking in the direction of when I first seen the pack of coyotes.  I came up to an area that was barren with dirt.  The forest floor appeared to be beaten down by coyote activity.  Perhaps it was a den. 


I went home, took a nap, and went back in the woods that evening.  This time, I had decided to hunt coyotes instead of deer.  So I took my shotgun instead of my bow.  After about 2 hours of sweating in the woods, I heard some movement directly behind me.  I slowly turned to discover a coyote walking in my direction.  It slowly trotted on my left hand side.  When it came to a perfect broad side view, I squeezed the trigger.  It fell down instantly.  A few minutes went by, and I kept hearing something move in the bushes to my right.  So I began calling the coyotes with my coyote call.  Two coyotes stepped out from the bushes.  Both coyotes were in perfect view to take a shot.  So a squeezed off another round at one of the coyotes.  It went down.  I quickly pumped the shotgun and placed the bead on the other coyote.  Another shell blasted from my shotgun, and the other coyote went down as well.  Coyote movement seemed to be over for the time being.  So I gathered the coyotes, took a couple of pictures, and called it a day. 


That was the best fun I've had in quite a while.  I've killed a couple of coyotes while deer hunting in the past, but I've never actually went coyote hunting.  This was my first time.  I've got to admit, I may be hooked.



Name: Jody

Location: Northeast Georgia